About the Columbus Area Writing Project

The Columbus Area Writing Project (CAWP) is an affiliate of the National Writing Project, a collaborative university-school staff development program to improve the teaching of learning of writing in the nation’s classrooms. The CAWP Summer Institute is an intensive, professional development experience designed to improve the teaching of writing. It is for teachers at every grade level and in every subject area. The CAWP Institute builds on the principles of the National Writing Project, with which we are affiliated. Those principles are: teachers teaching teachers and improving the teaching of writing by writing ourselves. We will be focusing attention on improving the quality of student writing for all students, using writing to improve student learning across the curriculum, in writing. The CAWP maintains a commitment to excellence in education that is framed by social justice and celebration of diversity.

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September 28 2016


CAWP Has a New Twitter! Follow us!

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March 1 2016


A second iBook hits the iTunes store

The second iBook written this…

February 16 2016