Summer Institute

The 2021 Summer Institute dates are June 7-18 (no meeting on Friday, June 11).

Are you interested in having some time to write this summer? Do you want to become a better teacher of writing? Are you looking for colleagues to talk to about writing and the teaching of writing? The Columbus-Area Writing Project (CAWP) Summer Institute is designed for teachers from all disciplines and all level of instruction, including kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, community college, and university who are interested in writing and teaching writing. The CAWP Summer Institute is based on the philosophy of “teachers teaching teachers” and on the importance of teachers themselves writing as a part of improving the teaching of writing. Participating teachers will have the opportunities to learn from each other, to study writing theory and research, to write their own compositions and participate in writing workshops, and to develop leadership and professional development skills in the teaching of writing. This summer we have a special focus on using books and other mentor texts as writers and as teachers of writing.

Summer Institute 2021 Activities

TEACHERS WRITING: We spend part of everyday writing and sharing our writing with each other.  We write in many different genres and provide support to work with some of the newer digital and multimodal genres.

TEACHERS SHARING TEACHING:  Working collaborative and individually, teacher research and plan lessons/units about how to help their students become proficient writers with the intent that this planning will be using in the upcoming school year.

READINGS: Readings will be practical, innovative, and theoretically sound. In addition these readings will integrate academic learning and social justice.

FOLLOW-UP ACTIVITIES– Graduates of the Summer Institute are eligible to participate in CAWP events during the academic year as well as enjoy the benefits of being a National Writing Project (NWP) teacher leader.

SCHEDULE – We will be meeting via Zoom Monday-Friday, during the weeks of June 7-11 (no meeting Friday, June 11) and June 14-18 from 8:30 am till 12:00 pm. Please plan to attend every day.

COSTS – If you are interested in the CAWP Summer Institute, you may take the course for 3 graduate semester hours and sign up as a graduate or non-degree graduate student. You will need to secure tuition waivers or other support from your school district or pay yourself. For more information about costs contact the Registrar’s Office. You may also take the course for 3 CEUs through the EHE Summer Institute. You will either need to pay yourself or secure support from your school district. There will be more information about signing up through the EHE Summer Institute coming soon.

TO APPLY: If you are interested in either option please fill out the intake survey on the website ( or contact Melissa Wilson,


DEADLINE: May 30, 2021